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Web Design vs. Web Development

Elite Web Designz has been helping residential businesses near Hewlett Neck, NY get to the next level. When looking for a company to create your website, you’ll often come across these two terms: web design and web development. While the two are sometimes used interchangeably, they are very different, with each being two integral parts to a successful website. Without one, the other will not succeed. But sometimes the lines between the two can become a little blurred.

What Do Web Design Teams Do?

A designer will focus heavily on the way a person views your website. They’ll place the most importance on your website’s looks, layout, color scheme, image placement and other factors that go into creating an attractive, easy site for consumers to use.

A web designer will:

Having a great web designer is crucial for your website’s success. 38% of consumers will leave a website if it is unattractive, so picking a great web design team is a priority.

What Do Web Development Teams Do?

A web development team will focus not only on the frontend of your website, but the backend. The backend of your website is what powers and enables the side people actually see, so it’s important to find a skilled web developer who will build your website from the bottom up.

A skilled developer will take the design aspects of the website mockup by the web designer and translate it into a user-friendly display through use of coding.

A web development team will:

Bringing the Two Together

Web design teams and web development teams often know a little bit of both. Web designers will likely know basic coding and be able to make simple fixes on your website, and web developers will likely have experience with design aspects of your website.

Each of these jobs are equally important when creating your website and should never be ignored. When choosing a web development company, it’s important to keep these things in mind:

Looking for More Information on Web Development?

Elite Web Designz is a Long Island web design firm that offers complete solutions for digital marketing. Located near Hewlett Neck, NY. Our web development and web design teams work closely with small businesses on building their web presence. For more information on choosing a web development company and how a website can benefit you, visit https://elitewebdesignz.com/ or call 631-901-8175.

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